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PAF is registered association and cultural platform focused on film and contemporary art based in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In the year 2000, festival of the same name, PAF – Festival of Film Animation, was organized for the very first time, which makes it the oldest festival of animation in the Czech Republic. Since 2002, the festival is held annually in the baroque buildings of the Arts Centre of Palacký University in the city of Olomouc, from its 15th edition already as PAF – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art. This new title reflects the specific focus of the PAF festival, whose dramaturgy has always been devoted to the broad conception of animation phenomenon as seen in the context of cinematography and visual arts.

The main activities of PAF include editorial and publishing activities within the editorial series Edition PAF, the presentation of Czech audio-visual art, the preparation of curated exhibitions, projections, workshops and seminars, as well as the year-round curatorial and dramaturgical work which culminates in the series of recurring festivals and events in the Czech Republic and abroad.


PAF Olomouc 2018
Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art
+420 732 475 173

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Festival Address
PAF – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art
Umělecké centrum UP
Univerzitní 3, 771 80 Olomouc

Mailing Address & Billing Information
PAF, z.s., Wurmova 7, 779 00 Olomouc
IČO 266 10 892, DIČ CZ266 10 892

festival team

Alexandr Jančík
420 732 475 173

Markéta Polášková
420 604 375 320

Martin Mazanec
420 605 037 318

Marie Meixnerová
420 608 754 730

Jiří Neděla
420 776 800 162

Nela Klajbanová
420 724 349 167

Max Dvořák
PR & Press
420 606 381 616

Veronika Zapatová
PR & Press
420 734 312 990

Jan Tomšů
technician coordinator
420 605 175 945

Nela Beislová
staff coordinator
420 773 833 577

Tereza Píchová
guest service
420 777 894 886


If you are interested in press release, print photos and other information, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +420 606 381 616.


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